NEW C29 / HI-8-US
Out "hereabouts," a split (or double EP, if you prefer) by rawmeanwhose side is titled "Lemma"backed with S/H/A/R/R/P/S & Ragged Lines, and their (ahem, our) "Thought Processions." Easter holidaze and such, shattering my hopes of a precise release date...

 Anyway, another quite limited edition – 20 copies... with just 9 cassettes obtainable through the label right now (a few are already reserved; not sure of the necessity of this, so there may be a couple more available "later"!) If you're reading this before the circa actual release date of March 31, you can 'pre-order' it here.

This is the last Metaphysical Circuits cassette for the foreseeable future. Time, now, to focus on other things for a while (visual art, writing... while hoping to make a living/trying to scrape by.) 

But, this is probably not the end; MC's return would/should bring with it further heightened quality – visually/physically – as I continue to endeavour to make our releases (yours and mine) even more unique... amid this vast jungle of highly inspiring tape labels *points profusely*. 

Metaphysical Digital, though? Updates shall be Twitter'd or Facebook'd, when...



Kicking off some semblance of a new year, an epic batch-of-one: German Army's "General Survey on Growing Concerns."

Furthermore, if you missed out on some of our older tapes, you might be able to get hold of one, or however few, for the moment. Here, indeed.

And! If you're adventurous/a gambler/curious about the kinds of things I released prior to starting Metaphysical Circuits (actually, much of it would fit my current label well – MC's "sound," while streamlined, has never really been "limited to...") and don't mind vinyl or CDs, you can check some of that out, while helping me clear space! Package deal prices are low – it'll all go towards shipping; I won't make a dime here, but won't really lose any either! This or this might be intriguing.

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Possibly = yes.



Delighted to discover that "400/100" came in at #22 on Tabs Out's Top 200 Tapes of 2015 list! Will any of the sweet sixteen other tapes (or, for that matter, twenty four 'Metaphysical Digital' titles) we released this past year make a cut somewhere else? We'll see...

Thus ends year three of MCMC! Whee. As of typing, we've got four tapes still available – half of them down to a single remaining copy. 

The fashionably late among you might care to know that I have one extra copy (in a few instances, two) of most of our releases from 2014 + a couple of 2013 titles (leftovers/previously reserved, but never claimed...) At least 35 different titles! I'll put them up for sale... early next year.

As for next year, label-related activities will present themselves increasingly sporadic-like. Metaphysical Circuits will release two tapes in 2016. OK, there'll possibly be a few more, but I'm not currently pursuing anything else in that direction. Details/what and when... quite soon.