November 25, 2015



So, I ended up doing a batch of seven! These are most likely the final Metaphysical Circuits releases of 2015. And... among our best ever?!


Prices shown in the screengrab below are without shipping (shipping now costs $2, $4, or $5 – depending on your location – for one item; then, just $1 for each additional item, regardless of destination.)

They're on the ultra-limited side again, so grab 'em while the grabbing's good!

November 14, 2015



As referenced earlier, those "final" nine releases from our Metaphysical Digital sub-label have been issued. A lack of time (to correspond, listen, promote, etc.) is the main reason I've now put this project on hold, after less than seven months.

Thanks to the following (in reverse order of appearance) for allowing Metaphysical Digital to present and share your music, by downloadable means (a format less popular than the tape, but still more popular than the CD-R?) – 

On the Wrong PlanetLes Bicyclettes de Belize (x4)Small Things on Sundayscryptic sceneryΩA-HA (x2), Mute DivinityLero (x2), Vejgaard AmbientSound_00 + LefternaHybrid PalmsDMHMiftah BravendaFugleøenMartin Lau & Claus PoulsenYours, Fantom DeliveringThe KiriksNube RosaV5N 2G8, and Ragged Lines(Yes, I've acknowledged my own projects, too – hints of a Kanye-sized ego showing through, ha ha.)

Research/listen/download via bandocampo, if you haven't already. Much gratitude, of course, to the few who've donated a bit of money for things – everything definitely helps Metaphysical Circuits directly.


A quick note to reassure you that I'm working, behind the scenes, on six cassettes / an upcoming larger-than-originally-intended batch. Contents: a Fugleøen c5, a Kanelbjørn c40, a cryptic scenery c42, a The Kiriks c27, a Nube Rosa c62and a Noise Arcade c47. No exact release date yet... but likely this month.

October 1, 2015


...AND A NEW C33

The End Springs "The Colour of Brown"

Yes, just one new tape out today... but what a one! Take a psychedelic guitar excursion with The End Springs, starting here!

Probably not going to
be able to do any more batches this year... just a tape once in a while, when whatever is ready is. It has indeed been a while since Metaphysical Circuits has had next to nothing to release! I'm still "not accepting demos," but can, on the other hand, still be swayed. (Changed my mind! See "info," if ye must.)

Our only confirmed/ready upcoming release at the moment – a split between Les Bicyclettes de Belize and Pacific Mausoleum – is scheduled to come out in a few weeks. I do expect to receive material from other folks over the next whenever – and will announce things when "responsible."


Desperately seeking music for Metaphysical World Pieces #3... deadline for submissions is October 10. No time restraints (except those imposed by Bandcamp), and very few limitations otherwise. Feel free to send/upload (Dropbox, WeTransfer) an experimental / meditative / noisy / melodic / ??? track to metaphysicalcircuits (at) gmail (dot) com

In the event that I don't receive enough material to put a compilation together by 10/10, I'll hopefully be able to arrange a single-release through Metaphysical Digital for each of the artists who did submit tracks for MWP.

That said, after its next nine releases, our download only "sub-label" will no longer be active.