March 4, 2014


After months working behind (beneath?) the scenes, things are picking up steam, thanks two new tape releases, officially out today: Northville Tunnels "Fogged Walkers" and Demonstration Synthesis "DS1" Read more / purchase...

Next up (this month?!), Vejgaard Ambient's second cassette for Metaphysical Circuits, along with our first from uBiK and Roman Ego...

Later, a The Child of a Creek c49, a Gardener c26... and two other titles I will hold back on announcing until they're 100% confirmed.

December 17, 2013


I'll keep it extremely brief, with the holidays (aka. much less time to dub, assemble, and ship tapes for about a week/week and a ½) approaching.

New delights (left to right; sorry for sub-par photo quality + no proper daylight this time of year), now, from Nickolas Mohanna, Ragged Lines, Primate Pyramid, Homeowner, and a four-way split between Coathanger Orchestra/Tecumseh X/Manzarek & Manzanera/V5N 2G8. Read more / purchase...

November 23, 2013


It can, sometimes, be "too much" to "manage" more than one "outlet" (this "blog", the mailing list, F'book...) Overuse of "quotes" aside, I never got around to announcing last week's two new releases outside Facebook. More viewers there than here, sure, but there are still likely to be a few who only check here. Apologies, thus, for the "lateness" of this announcement:

Out now are tapes (what else?) from Jon Claudio (much anticipated) and Les Bicyclettes de Belize (not previously announced.)

Only one copy of LBdB remains for sale! (I only made 8, which is usually enough when it comes to my own projects; 7 for sale, only one "artist copy" needed.) Purchase that last copy here...

...or: part of the reason for said tape's imminent disappearance is that Feeding Tube Records of Northampton, MA have snatched up a few copies (along with the Jon Claudio tape, the last two Asio Otus'es, and a number of other Metaphysical Circuits titles.) An excellent physical store + Discogs-based shop.

October 30, 2013


"Five Mindsets", a new cryptic scenery cassette with an MCMC131029 cat. no., was unveiled yesterday, and but not made available until today (131030.) Thrilled to be working with cryptic scenery/Christian H. Sötemann again - the first release I did with him was a CD-R way back in 2001.    

Purchase or reserve "Five Mindsets" soon - not many available through the label!

Speaking of "not many tapes left", only 3 of Asio Otus and 4 of Cloud Choir remain in stock, while the rest of the still available items in Metaphysical Circuits' catalogue are down to their last 10-15 copies.

MCMC131102 will be (for) Ragged Lines' "Industrial Complexion", a pro duplicated c36. Balancing things out on the release date front, it will be made available a day before its cat. no. suggests, namely on November 1st. (For "personal minor celebratory reasons", November 2nd is the "official" release date, yet not a work day.) "Industrial Complexion" has been pushed back (a week or so?), as I'm not happy with the audio on the pro dubbed tapes; re-sequencing and remastering in progress; the c36s will be recorded over, thus losing their "pro" status.

Looks like Jon Claudio's "Tocusour" will follow shortly after Ragged Lines. Hopefully the Nickolas Mohanna and Primate Pyramid tapes won't take too long to make. Kinda nice to not have a backlog. Awaiting masters from few people, but nothing's 100% 'til then.

October 21, 2013


Metaphysical World Pieces #2 is (a)live! Slightly shorter than its rather lengthy predecessor, this one's more, I suppose, dark and drone-y, less synth/beat-based (but not completely devoid of it.) Hugely pleased with the result!

"Pay what you want", or "if you want"; $0 or more would be appreciated (it's only bittersweet when 100% of a sale goes straight into Bandcamp's pockets, ha ha.)

Tapes? Delays persist. A bit of a nightmare with the next (if it ever comes out!) Ragged Lines tape: I've waited almost two months so far (after one month, I found out the duplication people had downright neglected to register that the order had been paid for back in August.) No idea what's up now. All that trouble for just 20 duplicated, unprinted cassettes.

Looks like cryptic scenery's home dubbed ("D.I.Y." has always been the stable solution) c21, "Five Mindsets" will be next. Pro dubs of Jon Claudio and Nickolas Mohanna hopefully soon after; these should've been out by now, but I originally went with a different tape dubbing service than usual (to save time.) Alas, the test tapes sounded poor: too much hiss/lower than acceptable volume levels. So, back to the better but currently unnervingly slow one.

October 7, 2013


Out now, and bit out of left field, a tape from Beijing (by way of Ireland and the U.S.) duo Cloud Choir! A tape of a previously released digital album - not something I would normally do, but Metaphysical Circuits has been wanting to work with Cloud Choir for a while.

Purchase a tape from MC or grab audio files (donate to the band?) via CC's BC.

As mentioned previously, October will also offer releases from Jon Claudio, Nickolas Mohanna, cryptic scenery, and Ragged Lines. Then, towards the end of the month: Metaphysical World Pieces #2 - another monster download only compilation!

September 21, 2013


Catching up, I am happy to report four new releases out... "semi officially" over the past few days; the "release-date-as-catalogue-number" concept is tricky to commit to, not least in a "batch-oriented industry." Shall have to consider revising things for 2014. At any rate, feel free to purchase one or more. The middle two are of especially limited quantities, while the other are the usual 50-or-so editions.

Left to right: Vejgaard Ambient "The 3rd House" (C34), S/H/A/R/R/P/S "ANTi-RAd SUIT(e) EP" (C25), Fugleøen "Re/tern/al" (c40), Luminous "Ad Lib to Fade" (C46)

This may not be all September brings... but it's looking more like early October. What is? Cassettes from Jon Claudio, Nickolas Mohanna, cryptic scenery, Cloud Choir, and Ragged Lines are!

September 7, 2013

...that very un-punk rock day is finally here. All it means for my part is that I'm doing the equivalent of buying drinks for everyone in the pub... OK, the tapes aren't 100% free (no such thing as a free drink either, as the saying kinda goes), but right now, you can get one tape for only €1, two for just €2, ten for a mere €10... Sale over.

August 31, 2013


Digital downloads (well, there's no such thing as an "analogue download") of several Metaphysical Circuits titles have recently been added to Bandcamp. Some for minor cash amounts, others, "pay if you want."


Once they're back from the cassette duplicateurs (another 2-3 weeks?), new magnetic sounds by Luminous, Vejgaard Ambient, Jon Claudio, Nickolas Mohanna, cryptic scenery, and Ragged Lines will be available for/to purchase.

This Soundcloud set has clips/tracks from said upcoming releases. I can already tell you that the majority of the six new cover designs are among my personal favourites. (My least favourite? The Pacific Mausoleum/Ragged Lines split... from a typographic perspective.)


Criticized by some, CSD will, for my sake, solely be an occasion for Metaphysical Circuits and A Beard of Snails (some A B of S tapes may be relevant to your interests) to hold a clearance sale on all their currently available tapes. Low prices (only €1 per tape), mostly low quantities*!

Mark, thus,
September 7 on your calendars! Time zones are an issue, so I'll try to keep the sale going as long as possible (local time), so everyone everywhere (residents of Kiribati rejoice!) can get a decent shot.

* Just one copy left of the Noseph Janner/Levvels, Primate Pyramid/The Harbinger, and Pacific Mausoleum/Ragged Lines tapes, as of writing! Dare ye wait 'til the 7th?

July 7, 2013


Metaphysical World Pieces #1 is live! Over two hours of highly meditative dream sequences, noise-laced elation, and technocratic twists... from an international cavalcade of meticulous music makers (see graphic/player.)

Set as a "pay what you want" type thing, any donations – which'll ultimately help us cover our lofty production and shipping costs – would be appreciated. Still, we're also totally OK about offering the whole shebang free. (To download 'gratis', just enter 0 as the dollar amount.)