February 12, 2015


Four of the only five physical releases we'll be doing for the time being were discreetly issued today: lengthy love letters from Tresilaze, Jack McConnell, International Debris, and V5N 2G8.

Shop to your heart's content! Package deals are back: any 4 titles for just $20!

January 18, 2015


(We are no longer accepting submissions.)

Now may be your only chance to submit music (albeit just a single track) for physical release through Metaphysical Circuits this year: A multi(?) cassette compilation will be issued to mark my/your/our 100th cassette release (1 tape on my short-lived Art is a Joke imprint, 43 on the recently shut down A Beard of Snails, and – eventually – 56 on this label) and 400th release over all (I've been at it since 2000!) Milestone mania!

So, yes, I'm hoping some of you music creators out there want to send me tracks for this momentous thing.

→ Must not be previously released or available for download elsewhere (...yet)
→ Nothing longer than 8 minutes (shorter is better)
→ 'Metaphysical Circuits-esque' music is desired – but I won't be as open to ambient, drone, noise, or minimalist synth as previously; let's hear something new, fresh, different... I'm especially into "songs" lately (human voice + hi and/or lo technology)
→ People I've worked with in the past / people I haven't never connected with – all are welcome
→ Send your WAV or FLAC – plus any info you want written on the cover – through WeTransfer (or your preferred method) to metaphysicalcircuits(at)gmail(dotcom)
→ Submission deadline is February 14, 2015
If you haven't heard from me by 02/14/15, I either haven't received your submission or don't have your contact info... but – most likely – it probably means I won't be using your track.

You'll receive 1 copy of the finished release, with the possibility to trade for more, or purchase extras at a lower-than-retail-price. The compilation will also be available for download from the label's Bandcamp site. For the first time ever, crowdfunding is being considered, so stay tuned.

December 20, 2014

So... got 26 releases out this year, as I've managed to slip in "Take Him to Detroit," Northville Tunnels' third tape for us – another glorious techdrone highlight from Jared Fordyce – here on the cusp of the holidays. And, yes, Phil French's characteristic lines grace the j-card and label this time.
Grab one now!

In case you're, uh, putting a year end list together – and happen to own a Metaphysical Circuits tape or download (or soon will) – the below graphic is (also) a reminder of what the label released in 2014!

Come early 2015, tapes from Tresilaze, Jack McConnell, and International Debris will enchant us. Ideas for (thematic) digital compilations are being ironed out, too. Otherwise, I plan on taking things slower; I'm not accepting new demos for cassette releases yet, and – as personal non musical projects take precedence – not sure I'll quite get to 26 releases next year... but who knows, right?

October 21, 2014


For the first time ever, Metaphysical Circuits is taking pre-orders for the next three tapes (they'll be released officially on or around October 27.) Short form sweetness from Marehelm and Lero, plus a hitherto unannounced Fugleøen double cassette, of which only 10 (well, 9) are available. 

Another first: two of the three feature cover art not done by me (not counting fonts/layouts), while Fugleøen features – gasp – photos. The next three or four will also be packaged in other peoples' visuals, to an extent; we'll see what happens thereafter.

As I need to gather funds together for upcoming tapes, I'm also selling leftover/unused blank cassettes...

→ The shop is OPEN

September 12, 2014


Three new ones (as mentioned last month) are now available: Ragged Lines, The Child of a Creek, and V5N 2G8 / k..k. / Micromelancolié. Minimalist layouts, white cassettes, all in very limited editions. 
***Read more / purchase tapes here! (Most of our other titles are gradually disappearing too — most are down to one single remaining copy — so get in there, if you want.)***

By the way, the above are not the label's last physical releases of 2014 after all. Up next (no timeline just yet), a Tresilaze C70 and a Lero C32... plus a couple other things, to be confirmed.